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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Patchwork Magic

Sorry it's been a little while since I last posted! It's been a really hectic few days and this is the first chance I've had to sit down and review the weeks events, Saturday was my birthday and i've been in the hospital on a placement! I shan't neglect you again, I promise.

I've been meaning to make some cushions for my bedroom for quite a while and when I stumbled across an easy guide on channel 4 I couldn't resist but to make one myself.

You can choose almost any shape that you like, I chose a square but rectangles and circles etc. will work just fine too. You can also mix up the colours and patterns any way that you like. 

Have a raid through the house for some old material to use, if that fails have a search through the charity shops for old bed sheets etc. If you have a clear idea about the sort of fabrics that you want, pop into a fabric shop such as dunhelm mill, they sell fabric per metre between £4 - £6. They also sell fat quarters for £6 each. Do NOT go to hobbycraft, it's an absolute rip off.

I started by cutting out a square piece of paper, roughly 15cm x 15cm, then I used this as a measurement for cutting out my fabric.

I used 4 squares for my cushion, I tried my best to make sure they were all the same size as this makes life easier when you're sewing them together. 

It's also helpful if you iron the squares, flatter ones are much easier to sew together. 

I sewed my cushion by hand but it'd probably be easier with a sewing machine if you have one.
To start, take two of your squares and turn them over so the fabric is on it's back (the side where the pattern is faded). Then put one square on top of the other and sew the tops together using a simple running stitch. Then when you turn them back onto their front (where the pattern is boldest) you will have a neat look.

Repeat with the remaining two squares.

Now it is time to sew the two sets of two squares together, leaving you with 4 squares neatly sewn together. You do this in the same way you've been doing with the other two squares, simply turn onto their backs and place one on top of the other and sew along the longest side. 

Perfect, four little squares sewn together. 

Next, I cut out a heart to sew on top of the four squares. 

I used a different stitch to sew the heart on top, so that the edges won't fray.

You need a backing for the pillow as well, so I cut out a square of fabric slightly larger than the four squares sewn together. 

You also need two pieces of wadding for the pillow stuffing to be put in between, these should be the same size as the four patterned squares. 

Then place the four patterned squares on top of the backing sheet and fold three of the edges of the backing sheet over the patterned squares and pin into place, you need one side open in order to put the pillow stuffing inside. 

Sew up the three edges and stuff, I used old pillow insides for mine.

I sewed my edges by hand, so inevitably it's a little wonky. Make sure the backing fabric is folded over when you put the stitches in, you get a much neater finish. 

And there it is, as easy as that! Have a go yourself and make sure to send me some pictures of what you've made!

The video here was really helpful, so I suggest you watch this before starting. Happy sewing!!


  1. Cute! You did a great job! I am useless with sewing, so I'm envious! Julia

    1. Awwh thank you, believe it or not, i'm really useless at sewing too but this was really really easy, grab some old material and give it a go!!

  2. Beautiful! And your hand stitches are perfect!!!

  3. So adorable! I'm in love with the fabrics you used! ♥Jordan

  4. It seems so simple ! I love it ♥