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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Garden party with a spot of glamping

So, Saturday 31st was my birthday and let me start by saying I absolutely HATE birthdays. I'm not sure what it is about them, perphaps it's because I always hold unreal expectations for what the day will bring and I get very upset when something (or someone) doesn't comply with my plan for the 'perfect' day. Of course this happens every year! You'd have thought I'd have learnt by now to just relax and enjoy, yet I can not help but to stupidly pursue my desire to have a perfect day, of course perfect doesn't exist and nothing (well not for me) runs exactly to plan. 

Rather ambitiously I decided to host a garden party/bbq in the daytime for my friends and to glamp (posh camping if you've never heard the term)in the evening with my boyfriend.
I use the term ambitious because I had invited guests over for 3pm, yet between the hours of 11am and 3pm, a mere 4 hours, I had to erect a marquee and a gigantic tent (and decorate). I mean I could have started earlier but who wants to wake up early on their birthday! 

Lets just say, 4 hours of manual labour in the garden was not what I had anticipated for my birthday. During the second hour of struggling to put up the tent, I had a huge tantrum. I do feel for my poor boyfriend having to deal with me, but to be fair I was extremely stressed. I wasn't dressed nor had I decorated the marquee and people were arriving in half hour, not exactly the 'perfect' situation. 

Anyway, by some sort of miracle we got the darn thing up and I proceeded to run around like a headless chicken as my friends started to arrive.

From 3pm onwards everything went much more smoothly and I managed to relax and enjoy some yummy Pimms, despite all the horrible wasps!!

My birthday dress, I was very rushed to get changed and the shoes I had planned to wear were not suitable for the garden!!! I also forgot my gold chain necklace, I didnt do so well with the outfit plan...

Birthday dress: £15, Vintage market. View similar here  and here

Necklace: Newlook, £6.99
Shoes: Wallis, £25

Rocco dog was loving having all the girlies around to give him attention! 

And all the yummy food to pinch from unsuspecting victims plates!

I had a surprise visit from my sister and my nephews, which was lovely, even if it was rather conveniently as soon as food started. Harry kept double dipping carrots in hummus, ewww!

Thank you dad for BBQ'ing! We had a large variety, to keep everyone happy! Sausages, burgers, steak, chicken wings and of course heaps of salad ;)!

Thankfully all the nasty insects disappeared as darkness crept upon us. The fairy lights sparkled and copious amounts of alcohol were consumed, jokes were shared and laughs were had. 
So I suppose, as long as you enjoy yourself with friends and family, what could be better and more special than that.

I was a rather mean host and kicked everyone out around midnight, I was too excited to go glamping!!

All comfied up and ready for bed!

Here's what I did with the tent. (It was a 6 man, thus very large!)

Bedding: Asda £15, Cushions: Dunhelm mill and one hand-made, Patchwork quilt: Dunhelm mill

It may not exactly be the most boy friendly decorations but I loved it!!

I tried my best to make it as homely and comfortable as possible.

The following morning I made us a scrumptious breakfast, some extremely unhealthy and buttery pancakes! I have to admit, I did cheat a little bit and used a powder you just had to add milk to but whatever it tasted amazing!

We devoured brekkie in the tent and watched Sherlock on the laptop. I guess it wasn't such a bad birthday after all :p

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  1. It sounds like it was a great birthday despite a few hiccups, which are what makes life interesting! Happy belated birthday! x